Music has played an important role on the life of guitarist and composer Cesar Medel, who began to experience music himself at a very young age.

Introduced to the guitar music by his father, he began the adventure that later became a life dedicated to share the value of music for guitar. He entered the Izidor Handler K Conservatory of Music of Viña del Mar; there he began his study of classical guitar with Professor Ximena Matamoros, who helped him to develop a style and an identity of his own for interpreting the guitar.

His first Album titled “Grand Solo” is a classical guitar album, featuring Works by important composers for the instrument. Recorded in 2005 and published in the USA, album that has been praised by the general public and followers of the artist.

In April 2007, he officially released Unforgettable Songs under Greenland Music Group (his record label) with interpretations on guitar of popular hits in music.

He releases Eternal Light in June 2008, a collection of religious (Christian) songs and Hymns, based in the musical concept of the original album recorded in 2001, featuring arrangements for solo guitar, duets and trio ensembles of guitar, violin and piano.

Mr. Medel he has been and is constantly invited to play in cities around the globe and prestigious music festivals, just to name a few..... the "Juan de Fuca Festival" in Port Angeles and countless events in the USA, "Arequipa Guitar Festival" in Peru.

With a busy Schedule, Cesar continues giving concerts and recitals, delighting audiences with his performances and appearances.

In 2015, Mr. Medel established the Chilean Guitar Society, with the purpose of making music a reachable tool of expression for people, meaning culture for everyone, no matter social status or background; generating activities, concerts and tours of cultural outreach. The cultural entity has become a solid foundation for the cultural horizons of classical guitar performance in his hometown Villa Alemana.

In addition, since 2010 Mr. Medel has been guitar profesor of the Limache Conservatory of Music.

Cesar has been sponsored by his dear friend Pete Barthell; a former luthier from Sequim, in the State of Washington, who provided a beautiful concert guitar, made with the finest woods in North America.

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